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Thursday, April 03, 2008

And we're back

Ah, April 2007, how I hardly know you ... looking back at that last post I am troubled by my own inability to read the warning signs- "Poor as dirt" resulted in that guy never wanting to go out, even if I could get him in for free, because he couldn't afford a beer and couldn't go to a bar without getting a drink, and when he had any extra money he used it to get stoned. Charming. The over-attachment to his dog meant that we also slept with the giant smelly beast, and any he spent more time talking to her than he did to me. We were over before school was out.

Did have a little 'hot-n-heavy' making out at my halloween show, but who can resist a girl covered in zombie makeup and fake blood? I said I'd call after that, but I never did.

In the fall I hooked up with the Tattooed Hunk again. I had a long running regular/casual thing with him in 2004, that ended when I ran into him at a bar making out with a girl and couldn't handle it. We're both better adjusted this time, so hopefully it won't end badly again. And while it's going on, I've really low motivation to date. Why sit through boring get-to-know-you awkwardness when I can just go straight to great sex, cozy cuddling and stimulating chatting?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hi Blog, long time no type...

While I felt witty and happy in my singledom early in 2006, apparently that feeling wore off by April and all I could muster in October was a whiny complaint. Ew.

Last year I traveled a lot, was asked to have sex by an ex-US Senator/ Presidential candidate, started a burlesque school, performed a ton, bought a sexy little PT Cruiser, ate a lot of good food, ran 3 miles and almost passed out, was on Trading Spaces and went to Mexico. My most significant relationship of '06 was the few times I ended up in the same city with my longtime pal who I've been sleeping with for a few years now. Well, him and my Wahl massager from my fav sex shop, Hysteria. Mmmmmassage....

I did end up in the Wall Street Journal talking about Airtroductions in December.

Then in February I met someone. I hardly see him as he's in school and poor as dirt, he's a little overly attached to his dog, but I like him. He doesn't annoy me, I enjoy his company, his eyes make me melt and he made me like Frank Zappa- not an easy task. I miss him now, as he's in the midst of finals-imposed seclusion, but school will be out soon and that could change things. We'll see. Hopefully it'll all be fine. Though the blog will definitely suffer...

Friday, October 27, 2006

It all makes sense now...

I want to meet a manly man, but they don't exist anymore...

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Less Cynical Aside

Did find one fellow on tall, my age, scooter guy, cute but odd. I wussed out and just winked at him. Hopefully he'll answer back before I cancel.

Only thing that worries me is that he looked at my profile and did nothing. So we'll see....

I should listen to myself

I finally subscribed to and I'm totally unsubscribing before my 3 day trial is up. There were 6 messages waiting for me, and I'd already lost 6 others from waiting too long, and despite my best efforts to resist- curiosity won out.

Waiting for me was a guy whose offers of jewelry and travel might make up for the fact that he performs Jazz and Ballet and has a total gay love for his pampered cocker spaniel, if I was a greedy bitch - a German guy who wants to cuddle- a 33 year old who looks 45 and 'knows how to treat a lady'- an Iraqi - and this guy:

From: j----seas
52-year-old man
Denver, CO, US
Seeking: Women 25-45

Subject: I do believe I've seen you before...

was it on Tribe!?

I noticed your picture and the self-description was slightly more racy. (Bisexual, as I recall...perhaps also Burning Man?)

I bought the most amazing mask recently for a BM-related April Fool's party. I believe you'd like it (not that I'm offering it as a gift LOL!)

I like people who are totally self-expressed and think (preferably live) outside the box. I do. I am.


PS--I can be pretty irresistible, especially with chocolate ;)

I want to write back to and tell him that Tribe and burning man is for hippies, and I am not a hippie. And I want to tell him that I'm not interested in men my fathers age.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I'm so freaking excited! is going to teach me how to find a mate in 90 days!

I can't decide whether to take the challenge and really try, or whether, just like my last post, it's too much boring reading. I've got 5 much better books at home I could be reading. Ah, the agony of decision making.

Of course the process could make good blogging material.....


Books that might help me get a boyfriend, if I would ever bother to read them.

This one could be the most helpful. If only because I love all the CSI shows! And the scene of a date is often quite like the scene of a crime. Actually most of my dates are the scene of a crime, since I was robbed of all that precious time.

There's still a chance for me and George Clooney!

Celebrities Dabble in Online Dating

Though if his inability to blog is any indication, he'd never be able to navigate his way through posting a profile.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

They find the jerks so you don't have to, (formerly, and

Cheating Hearts Caught Online

Friday, March 03, 2006

E Harmony?

A couple of years ago I tried to sign up for eharmony. It took forever and they had no matches for me. None. Zero. I was incompatable. Totally.

So I just filled it out again. And I have 5!

However, again, I refuse to pay to be disappointed.